Nudisme komt terug in El Portus Playa de la Losa

Many of you know the Playa Morena, famous nudist beach of El Portus. Many people think this is the only nudist beach in El Portus. It's wrong! Playa de la Losa, next to it, is of naturist tradition. But in August, or on a Sunday afternoon, it is hard to believe, as the textile crowd invade the scene.

With September returns the calm and serenity of the place ... and also naturists! Since the beginning of the month, naturists are finally back! In fact, they never left the place but they did not feel comfortable taking off the costume, and we understand it! Until about noon there is an enjoyable majority of naked and free bodies and, little by little, the swimming suit regains ground as the sun goes to the West ...

Many naturists do not know that this beach is for them too. We would like this to be known, so that this return is for good and that we can feel comfortable in August and on a Sunday.

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Whatever... The more we are, the more we will become part of the landscape. Textiles, do not feel excluded, we have nothing against you and even if we think deeply that you complicate your life for nothing, we accept you as you are and we can share the place with you.

And if seeing our free and happy bodies annoys you, remember that we will not dabble at the communal beach. So there you go to protect your pure eyes ;-)

vrijheid zwemmen stranden ontspannende

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