How I became a naturist

I was born naked, as we all were. However, society insists that we wear clothes from school age, right through our educational years.

As a teenager, our bodies develop, and we go through a period of discovering ourselves physically and who we are as a person, as well as trying to find our place in the world. In doing so, we experiment with clothes. This certainly played a big part for me anyway, and was done in conjunction with listening to different genres of music, and mixing with the social circles associated with those genres. I went through many phases: punk, goth, tomboy, sporty, hippy, clubwear and I even dressed like a Spice Girl (‘Posh Spice’) for a while! All of course, portrayed a certain image, often with an underlying purpose; to fit in with the crowd, attract a potential partner, impress certain people (for whatever reason) or to follow the current fashion trend. But none of them were really me. For so long I dressed, and behaved in particular ways, for others.

It was only at the age of 32 when I found myself. A long-term relationship ended suddenly and unexpectedly, resulting in a change of job, home, city, social circle, and general outlook on life. I found myself with a new-found single status, wondering ‘What have I been doing for all of those years?" Certainly nothing to better myself. Of course, I had studied, earned money and progressed in my career, but I had failed to do anything to feed my soul.

After a period of healing, self-care, moving on and building an independent life, I finally found my comfort zone. This involved another process of experimentation, but this time it was different; because instead of searching for someplace where I might fit in, I focused on myself, and was drawn to it intuitively.

I discovered that my home is within nature, my job is to seek contentment, my favourite songs are the birds whistling in the trees and the waves crashing on the shore, a small social circle is preferred (with large bouts of solitude, respected by the social circle)…and that the clothing I feel most comfortable in is nothing at all.


How I became a naturist

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