Find your peace in nature and naturism

My biggest passion is spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature. I feel most at home roaming around in the wilderness, well away from the sight and sound of civilisation, moving silently in the hope of meeting some unsuspecting wildlife, foraging wild food, bathing in open water, and then falling asleep beneath the star-filled sky. Consequently, I think it was inevitable that I would finally end up getting naked. Because nature is the key. Nature and naturism go hand-in-hand.

Img 20200204 wa0012I first started taking my clothes off whilst up in the mountains, because this is where I felt free. My first ‘proper’ experience (with other people) was at a naturist campsite. I wasn’t planning on a naturist holiday, but was attracted to the natural environment in which the campsite was set; situated in a national park with 9 hectares of land to roam in, abundant with wildlife, encompassing meadows, woodland trails and salt lagoons to swim in; it was a nature lovers dream. Within minutes of arriving at my camping spot I was naked, and it felt great!

I already possessed a closeness to nature, but this experience (and others thereafter) intensified this feeling even more.

Clothing creates a barrier between us and the natural world, preventing us from making a real connection with mother nature. It feels unnatural; causing discomfort against the skin, restricting natural body movement, preventing the body from breathing as it is physiologically designed to, and even the sound of the material can create an unnecessary distraction. 

‘Grounding’, i.e. making direct contact with the earth’s energy can have positive effects on the body and mind. Even non-naturists can understand the pleasant sensations gained when you remove your shoes to walk barefoot on the beach, or take a big deep breath in to smell freshly cut grass. Well, being naked heightens the senses even further.

At the campsite, I wandered between the trees, allowing the leaves to brush over my unclothed skin. I lay directly on the grass beneath the hot sun and experienced an awakening of the soul, which I had never felt before. A butterfly landed on my naked body, like I was the most natural thing in the world. I swam alongside the fish in the lagoon, and with each stroke I was opening up to let the energy flow in.

By removing the obstruction that clothing presents, one is able to connect with mother earth on a more spiritual level. We spend much of our lives trying to connect with other people, and focusing on external influences in order to find peace and happiness, when this can be found within our natural selves.

Mother nature gives unconditionally, without judgement, just what we need to feel alive and free. Allow her to breathe life into you. Here you will find your peace.


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