Ervaar vrijheid, zwemmen in de wintermaanden!

Swimming at the El Portus beach in the winter months is an experience unlike any other you will have. It is a type of mindset you get in to, and once you are there it feels like you are in a meditative state.

Beaches700pxYou will experience the warmest water in Spain. The 2 capes on each side of the bay protect the beach from the cold water of the Atlantic. This allows you to swim all year round.

First of all, a precaution you should take when you dip into the waters in the winter months. Don't head straight into the water, take it slow since your body will experience thermal shock.

Once your body has adjusted itself to the temperature you will feel the freedom taking over all your body. Walk into the water till it reaches your hips and stand there for a while.

In the beginning, your mind will make you think it is too cold. Don't let this fear get to you because once you start swimming, your body will get warmer from the movement and then the freedom from the cold and the boundaries society has set to be natural disappears.

You find yourself relaxed leaving all your worries and frustrations behind. Since it is winter, not many people dare to swim because of fear. When you embrace this fear and let your body takes its natural course, the silence surrounding the beach will give you a more heightened state of feeling free.

Once you are swimming in the sea, it will remove all the stress you experience in your daily life leaving your mind empty with a stunning view showcasing the depths of nature. It gives you an unforgettable and breathtaking panoramic view with lifelong lasting memories.

swimming vrijheid zwemmen stranden ontspannende

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