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Gaia Portus strickly follows all measures of facilities desinfection and physical distanciation implemented by Spanish Authorities. To know how the access to common areas can be impacted by these measures at the time of your stay, please get in contact with us.

Some Thoughts on Women and Nudism

An excellent article by John P. on Medium to all men who wish to pay greater respect to women and those who believe they are already giving full respect.

Why do people hide naturism?

I have never hidden the fact that I am a naturist. When I first started taking my clothes off, I would post the occasional photograph on social media; in the French Alps or the Spanish Pyrenees mountains, for example, mainly depicting the beautiful scenery, but also my naked body (from behind), admiring the view.

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Find your peace in nature and naturism

My biggest passion is spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature. I feel most at home roaming around in the wilderness, well away from the sight and sound of civilisation, moving silently in the hope of meeting some unsuspecting wildlife, foraging wild food, bathing in open water, and then falling asleep beneath the star-filled sky. Consequently, I think it was inevitable that I would finally end up getting naked. Because nature is the key. Nature and naturism go hand-in-hand.

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How I became a naturist

I was born naked, as we all were. However, society insists that we wear clothes from school age, right through our educational years.

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Naturism or nudism?

Are these terms synonymous? Why do I care so much about the word naturism? What makes the difference between these two terms?

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Nudism is coming back at El Portus Playa de la Losa

Many of you know the Playa Morena, famous nudist beach of El Portus. Many people think this is the only nudist beach in El Portus. It's wrong! Playa de la Losa, next to it, is of naturist tradition. But in August, or on a Sunday afternoon, it is hard to believe, as the textile crowd invade the scene.

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Experience freedom, swimming in the winter months!

Swimming at the El Portus beach in the winter months is an experience unlike any other you will have. It is a type of mindset you get in to, and once you are there it feels like you are in a meditative state.

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